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Help the EFF Support Bloggers’ Rights

Here’s an interesting link for my readers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Bloggers’ Rights Guide.


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Follow-up to Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism Posts

An illustrative example of plagiarism. Modifie...

Humorous example of plagiarism

This is an omnibus follow-up to my earlier posts on copyright, fair use, and plagiarism.

1. A while ago I found a site that appeared to be scraping, or boxing, the content of my blog hosting site and displaying the content below an advertisement. Not only my blog hosting provider’s content but all the other bloggers’ content. How did I handle it? I reported my concerns to blog hosting provider’s technical support team. My interpretation of their response is that the site is: “mostly harmless.”

Hmmm, no brouhaha? Nope, just passing my concerns to the proper folks who have more experience in such matters.

2. Bloggers syndicate their work through the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology. This technology allows articles to become separated from the copyright notice on the blog. Some people fail to recognize that this simple statement of ownership applies to the content as well as the blog itself.

It is a wise idea to include the copyright statement as part of the post, or article (if on a separate page of the blog). The idea is similar to what the Associated Press, Reuters, and other wire services do with their articles. At the start of each piece, it says something like “AP — …“).

The copyright statement in the RSS transmitted article alerts the reader using a different website that the article is, in fact, not original content of that different website.

I also find it handy, since I have multiple blogs, to include which blog I’m writing on as part of the copyright statement. This statement serves to alert a reader elsewhere that the material comes from a specific and findable place.

3. As a last note, for those who disregard absence of copyright notices: Ignorance is not a valid legal defense against copyright infringement.


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